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Thursday, 7 July 2011

truth is, that girl loves u

               She yells because she cares.
·         She cries because she is frustrated.
·         She smiles out of nowhere because she is thinking of you, even if you are already there.
·         She scrunches her face because she is about to explode.
·         She hits you because she wants to touch you.
·         She stares at you because she is infatuated.
·         She calls you every half hour because she misses you.
·         She lectures you because she is a boss, not mom(old lady)
·         She kisses you because she just want to.
·         She asks you a lot of questions because she is curious, not to be annoying.
·         She wants to know where you are just to be with you all day long
·         She calls just to hear your voice.
·         She walks beside you to hold your hand
·         She sits close to you to lean on your shoulder.
·         She stands in front of you because she wants a hug.

~ sb : boys…please understand… peace..!! :D


aimie amalina said...

peace! .. >.< ~ bru follow ni nice to meet u !

Nur Syafiqah Md Takiyudin said...

Aww, I'm touched. :')

salman said...

kamsa hamnida...:)

NuSaNa NoSa 91 said...

mcm tu ea?? baru tau.. hihihi~ ^_^